W3List@yorku.ca Listserv

In late November, the Work in a Warming World W3 team held a conference on work, labour, climate change and social struggle. The conference was very successful, with 179 participants, papers from 19 countries, and media coverage. Conference participants suggested they wanted to keep the energy, the links, and an information exchange going. Our new W3 Listserv is one way we hope to achieve that.

We are pleased to announce a new tool that we hope will facilitate exchanges between all those who are doing research and policy work on the issues of work, labour and climate change.

What is it?

It is simple enough – we are establishing a listserv to allow us to have an ongoing conversation.

The Listserv will be maintained by W3, but the content will be whatever is posted by those who want to be part of the list. Carla Lipsig-Mumme (carlalm@yorku.ca) is the list’s manager. W3 will make sure the list stays functional, and other than that will only deal with content if someone starts to abuse the privilege of being part of the list. That could include making any comment that is unacceptable – racist, or sexist, or whatever – or that is not in keeping with the purpose of the list. We may all have serious concerns about lots of issues, but if it doesn’t involve climate change it’s best expressed elsewhere.

What would we hope will be posted?

  • Information about new research you have done or are doing.
  • Questions about what others on the list might have already done.
  • Thoughts about what areas need further work.
  • Basically anything and everything to do with research and policy work on the issues of work, labour and climate change.

How do you participate? 

Please email w3info@yorku.ca and let us know you want to be added to the list and we will activate your subscription. Include in your email, your name, email address and whether you prefer to receive a digest version (Subscribe to W3’s ListServ).

If you don’t feel the need to post anything, that’s fine, passive participation is quite acceptable.  If you do have a thought, or a contribution, or a question, that’s even better.

There may be times when the list is silent for while; it isn’t urgent that there be constant posts.  But the value of the list will be whatever value those who sign on bring to the process.