Work in a Warming World


The conference will be conducted in three different formats. These formats will include:

  • Paper presentation sessions
  • Plenary speakers, Plenary Sessions and Roundtables
  • Keynote addresses by international and Canadian speakers whose ideas make change happen in the world of work

W3 International Conference Themes: (please refer to the conference program for the authors’ abstracts)

Friday November 29, 2013

 Workshop Session 1 (10:15am – 11:30am)

Environment/Labour Social Movements and Coalitions Chair: Steve Shallhorn

“The Practice of Collaboration: Blue Green Canada and the Canadian Energy Strategy” – Keith Brooks

“No Jobs on a Dead Planet” –  Karen Cooling

“Mobilizing for Green Jobs: Labour-Environmental Coalitions in California and British Columbia” – Joanna L. Robinson

 Workers’ Capital and Pension Fund Environmentalism: Strategy, Contradictions and Politics Chair: John Holmes

“Canada’s Carbon Liabilities: The Implications of Stranded Fossil Fuel Assets for Financial Markets and Pension Funds” – Marc Lee

“Pension Funds, Long-Term Investment, and Green Infrastructure: A Critique of the OECD’s Green Growth Agenda” – Chris Roberts

“Labour’s Voice in Pension Capital: It’s Not Easy Being Green…or Anything Different for that Matter” – Johanna Weststar

Workshop Session 2 (3:45 pm – 5:15 pm)

Unions and Climate Change Stream I – Declining Industries Chair: Carla Lipsig-Mummé

“Where have all the Green Jobs Gone? A Study of the ‘Green’ Experiment in the Australian Auto Industry ” – Caleb Goods

“Union Capacities in a Changing Climate: The Case of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) and Ecological Modernisation in Australia” – Darryn Snell and Peter Fairbrother

“The Greening of Modern Postal Services” – Geoff Bickerton, Karen Hawley, Donald Lafleur and Sarah Ryan

“Modelling the Future: A Review of International Studies on Climate Change and the Future of Jobs” – John Holmes and Carla Lipsig-Mummé

Greening the Built Environment I – Canada Chair: Linda Clarke

“Building a Green Future: Climate Change and Canada’s Construction Industry” – John Calvert

“This Green House: Building Fast Action for Climate Change and Green Jobs” – Charley Beresford and Robert Duffy

“Engineers, Climate Change, and Sustainable Infrastructure” – Kean Birch

“Old Solutions to New Problems” – Ken Jakobsson

 Public Policy in the Age of Austerity Chair: John Shields

“Remuneration, Distribution and Autonomy: The Role of Good Jobs in Slowing Global Warming” – Katherine Trebeck

“P3’s, Austerity, and Canadian Public Procurement: Sustainable Development or Sustainable Risk?” – Heather Whiteside

“Methane Mitigation in Coal Mining: Worker Safety Benefits, Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions, and the Role of Overlapping Environmental and Occupational Regulation” – Winfield Wilson

Saturday November 30, 2013

 Workshop Session 3 (8:30 am – 9:45 am)

Energy I – Critical Perspectives on Renewables: The Case of Bioenergy and Biofuel Development Chair: John Calvert

“The Political Materialities of Bioenergy” – Kean Birch and Kirby Calvert

“The Economic Effects of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Production in the Kingston, Ontario Region” – Megan MacCallum, John Holmes and Warren Mabee

Unions and Climate Change Stream II – Crossing Boundaries Chair: Sarah Ryan

“All Bark and No Bite? Social Economy Employment and Environmental Practices” – JJ McMurtry

“Workplaces in Transnational Corporations: Can Green Practice Be Transported Across the Home – Workplace Border?” – Nora Räthzel

“Campaigning and Bargaining for Climate Action in the Workplace” – Alex White

Workshop Session 4 (10:00 am – 11:30 am)

Community Livelihood and Environmental Impacts Chair: Jan Kainer

“Re-skilling as a Means of Building Adaptive Capacity: Evidence from Fisheries, Agriculture and Tourism Sectors in Selected Small Island Developing States” – Machilu Zimba

“Up in the Air: Employment-Related Geographical Mobility and Hurricane Igor” – Stephanie Sodero

“Municipal Clean Air and Climate Change Action in the Greater Toronto Area: Collaboration as a Catalyst” – Gaby Kalapos

‘The Effect of Climate Change Adaptation on Rural Community Livelihoods” – Emmanuel Mutebi

Cities, Communities, Work and Climate Change Chair: Steven Tufts

“Polarizing Labour Markets and Ineffective Climate Policies in Two Global Cities” – Daniel Aldana Cohen

“Cities, Climate Change the Green Economy” – Stephen McBride, John Shields and Stephanie Tombari

“Fixing Air Pollution and Unemployment: Ontario’s Green Infrastructure Boom is No Green New Deal ” – James Nugent

“African Cities and Work in a Changing World” – Kenneth Odero

Unions and Climate Change Stream III – Green Law, Just Transition and Labour’s Climate Leadership Chair: Larry Brown

“Green Labour Law?” – David Doorey

“Climate Change and Canadian Unions: The Dilemma for Labour” – Carla Lipsig-Mummé and Geoff Bickerton

“Climate Justice in the Workplace: An Analysis of Legal Frameworks Available to Unions and Workers in the Transition to Low-Carbon Economy” – Natalie MacDonnell

“Just Transition to Climate Policy: Fusing Social and Environmental Justice” – Dimitris Stevis and Romain Felli

Workshop Session 5 (2:45 pm – 4:00 pm)

Gender and Climate Change I Chair: Charles Campbell

“Climate Change Adaptation Among Chepang Women: The Light Hidden in the Dark” – Jyoti Acharya

“Creating Opportunities for Women in the Renewable Energy Sector: Findings from Research in India” – Bipasha Baruah

“Initiatives for Including Gender in Government Actions on Climate Change and Work” – Marjorie Griffin Cohen

“Gender Justice and Climate Justice: Building Women’s Economic and Political Agency in Times of Climate Change” – Patricia E. (Ellie) Perkins

Green Training Chair: Steve Shallhorn 

“Mind the Gap: Bridging Policies and Skills While Building the Green Economy. Lessons From Abroad” – Coralie Breen

“Skills Training for a Green Economy” – Karen Charnow Lior

“Climate Change, Skills, and Labour: Towards a New Framework for Resilience and Equity” – Sarah L. White

Greening Work in Healthcare Chair: Deborah Bourque

“Labour’s Power in Greening Healthcare” – Lou Black

“Building the Capacity of Healthcare Workers to be Engaged Leaders in the Workplace and Beyond ” – Meredith Jane Hunt

“Correcting Low Efficiency in High Performance EMS” – Dave Wakely

Workshop Session 6 (4:15 pm – 5:30 pm)

Greening the Built Environment II – International Perspectives Chair: Jim Sinclair

“Training for Climate Change: European Experience with Green Training and its Implications for the Canadian Construction Industry” – John Calvert

“The Role of Labour in Low Energy Construction: Understanding the Difference Between Design Intention and Performance” – Colin Patrick Gleeson and Linda Clarke

“Green Building| Building Green: Skills for the Innovation Economy” – Robert Luke

 Climate Justice and Social Exclusion Chair: Ann Kim

“Bridging Urban Poverty and Climate Change: The Case of the Global Waste Pickers’ Alliance” – Rhonda Douglas

“Transition to an Inclusive Green Employment: Employment Equity and the Green Economy” – Cheryl Teelucksingh

“Labour and the Greening of Hospitality: Raising Standards or Union Green-Washing?” – Steven Tufts and Simon Milne

Writing and Publishing: Early Scholars Workshop Chair: Carla Lipsig-Mummé, Patricia E. (Ellie) Perkins and Elizabeth Perry

Sunday December 1, 2013

Workshop Session 7 (9:15 am – 10:45 am)

Energy II – Critical Perspectives on Renewables: Scenes from Canada and Abroad Chair: Warren Mabee and Kean Birch

“Climate Change and the Forest Sector in South Central BC: Insect Outbreaks, Emerging Bioenergy Technologies and Employment” – Sinead Earley

“Canadian Energy and Labour” – Jim Quail

“Making ‘Energy Democracy’ a Core Trade Union Issue in the Effort to Fight Climate Change and Build Workers’ Power” – Sean Sweeney and Lara Skinner

“Green Jobs and Renewable Energy: Exploring the Economic Development Impact of Renewable Energy Initiatives in Ontario and Europe” – Mark Winfield

Gender and Climate Change II Chair: Coralie Breen

“The Gender Impact of Green Job Creation” – Joan McFarland

“The Significance of Differing Concepts of a Green Economy for Employment and Public Policy Initiatives: A Gendered Perspective” – Greg O’Brien and Marjorie Griffin Cohen

“Capital, Climate and Community: Microfinance and Gender” – Tonia Warnecke

Youth and Climate Change Chair: Rosemarie Powell

“Climate Change, Complexity and Social Justice: Exploring Linkages Through Simulation” – Brad Bass

“Global versus Local: Can Regional Development Survive in a New Age of Free Trade?” – Angelo DiCaro

“PowerShift From the Ground Up” – Cameron Fenton