What Do We Know? What Do We Need to Know? The State of Research on Work, Employment and Climate Change in Canada (Final Report)

Table of Contents

Results Of A Literature Search Regarding The Impact Of Climate Change On Canadian Work And Employment: Indicators And Contextby Elizabeth Perry – PDF

Climate Change And Labour In The Energy Sectorby Marjorie Griffin Cohen & John Calvert – PDF

Tourism, Climate Change And The Missing Worker: Uneven Impacts, Institutions And Response by Steven Tufts – PDF

Climate Change And Work And Employment In The Canadian Postal And Courier Sector by Geoff Bickerton, Meg Gingrich & Sarah Ryan – PDF

The Transportation Equipment Industry by John Holmes with Austin Hracs – PDF

The Forestry Industry by John Holmes – PDF

The Impact Of Climate Change On Employment And Skills Requirements In The Construction Industry – by John O’Grady – PDF

Download the Full Final Report – PDF